Information for invitation

In order to enable International department to go through all formalities for an invitation, the following data is necessary for Visa department:

1. The aim of your visit and the name of the person who had invited you.

2. A photocopy of the passport, i.e. the one with your photo (sometimes photocopies are unclear, please send us the additional information on block letters: passport number and terms of passport validity).

3. The full address of your organization, where you work/study (country, zip/postal code,city, street, civic number, telephone and fax numbers).If you neither work nor study please provide your home address and home telephone number.

4. The full name of the organization where you work/study.

5. Your status in this organization, i.e. professor, student etc.

6. Please specify country, district, city of your birth.

7. Please indicate (Embassy or Consulate) where you are going to get your visa.

8. What type of visa you require (single, double or multiple).

9.  The exact date of your visit to RSUH

10. Where will you live (hostel RSUH, hotel or private apartment)

11. Mail and telephone contact at which you expect our invitation.

12. Post address (country, zip or postal code, city, street and number, telephone number) where you would like the original of the invitation to be sent. 

This information should reach us not later than one month before your supposed arrival, because the invitations are issued through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and terms of invitation issue are determined by the Ministry and not by the RSUH.

If any of these 8 points is not fulfilled, please note that we would not be able to issue your invitation.

If you have any other questions, please, don't hesitate to contact us.


Best regards, Visa Department of the RSUH.

For further details please contact:

Tel: +7 (499) 250-63-54

Fax: +7 (499) 251-10-70